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cropped-smartlogo.pngWelcome to our Smart Community!

Sustainability requires local and global answers. For individual villages and regions it is very stimulating to be linked to other experiences in Europe.  Villages and organizations involved in SMART have learned from the great variety of strategies that are used in partner countries to realize sustainable villages and to involve education in these strategies. The project was closely related and had contributed to the growing movement of Transition Towns in Europe.

Through SMART villagers, volunteers and staff active in projects aiming sustainable village have been more motivated and able to develop successful and satisfying activities that really make a difference. Experiences from peers in other European countries have given new insights and a broader network to all persons involved.

The result was more knowledge about the wishes and needs of villagers and about volunteer training related to sustainable development in rural communities.

Local community action, even through small-scale change, can make a big difference in a persons’ life. It plays a far greater role in area development and in the creation of sustainable communities than is generally assumed.

Get on board and discover the SMART challenge!


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Logo UEThis project was financed via the EU Lifelong Learning programme.

The Grundtvig programme focuses on the teaching and study needs of learners taking adult education and ‘alternative’ education courses, as well as the organisations delivering these services. It aims to help develop the adult education sector, as well as enable more people to undertake learning experiences, notably in other European countries.

Launched in 2000, Grundtvig aims to provide adults with more ways to improve their knowledge and skills, facilitate their personal development and boost their employment prospects. It also helps to tackle problems associated with Europe’s ageing population.

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